What is FitMit AOK?

FitMit AOK is AOK Nordost's innovative rewards and benefits programme. Collect points for your healthy lifestyle and enjoy attractive rewards as well as status benefits. Use of the programme pays off.

Whom is FitMit AOK targeted at?

Primarily, FitMit AOK is targeted at all members of AOK Nordost aged 15 and above, who want to do something to benefit their health and, at the same time, would like to profit from rewards and benefits.

If you have not yet registered for FitMit AOK, you can first test the programme to a limited extent: You can collect up to 2,000 reward and status points (over an unlimited period). You need to register as a member of the FitMit AOK programme to make full use of the range of functions offered by the app or the web portal, in particular, the redemption of points in the rewards shop and the use of status benefits.

How can I register?

You can start your registration directly on the FitMit AOK app or in the web portal. We shall then send you all the documents you need by post.

Please note that you have to be an AOK Nordost member to participate fully in FitMit AOK. If you are not an AOK Nordost member but would like to be one, you can find more information in the FitMit AOK app or on the website. The AOK service centres in your neighbourhood are also happy to advise you.

How can I collect points?

You will receive points for sporting activities, memberships, check-ups and other health services as well as social involvement in the health sector. You can find out more about the eligible activities and the associated points under the menu item "Add points". Depending on the activity, there are various options for verification available.

If you have not yet registered for FitMit AOK, you still can use all methods described below to earn points. However, AOK Nordost will refrain from detailed verification of your submitted evidence due to data privacy protection.

Health app: Users of the FitMit AOK app can record sporting activities via fitness apps and fitness trackers, so-called wearables. For this purpose the FitMit AOK app checks – following your consent – selected fitness data which fitness apps or fitness trackers store in the health app on your smartphone (on iOS devices: iOS Healthkit, on Android devices: Google Fit). We check the following fitness data: Number of steps, pulse rate, calorie consumption. If you reach certain threshold values, you will be credited reward and status points automatically. You can find out about the thresholds under "Add points > sporting activities > Health app". No fitness data will be transmitted to us in the process. Use of this function is completely voluntary and you must first authorise it under "Add points > Sporting activities > Health app". The function may be deactivated again at any time.

QR-codes and beacons: You have the option of verifying your sporting activities wherever they take place. Look out for QR-codes or radio transmitters (otherwise known as beacons) at partners of AOK Nordost. If you scan a QR-code using your smartphone or your device picks up the signal from a beacon, your activity will be recorded automatically. If you would like to use beacons to verify sporting activities, you must authorise this function under "Collect points > Sporting activities > Beacon". Besides, the FitMit AOK App needs to be open or running in the background so as to receive a Beacon signal.

Uploading photos: Activities and actions can be verified by taking a photo of a document. Use the option in the app and in the web portal to photograph your membership or check-up certificates and upload them as an image.

Self-certification: You also have the option to a limited extent to confirm your sporting activities through self-certification.

What data will be transmitted to AOK Nordost when using FitMit AOK?

Protection of your personal data, your privacy and your right to determine the information that is made public are a matter of great importance for AOK Nordost.

The detailed data privacy statement governing FitMit AOK can be found in the main menu under "Legal notices". This is where you find out which data are collected, processed and stored when you participate in FitMit AOK and the reasons for this.

What the difference between reward and status points?

You collect both reward and status points for each activity with FitMit AOK.

If sufficient reward points have been credited to your account, you can redeem these for rewards. The reward points will not expire while you participate in FitMit AOK.

By collecting status points, you will work to achieve higher levels over time and consequently receive higher level benefits. At each status level, AOK Nordost benefits partners offer you exclusive benefits such as discounts or special offers. The rule here is that the higher the status level, the greater the benefits.

When you start participating in FitMit AOK, you will be given the status "Start". During the first year of your participation, you will automatically and immediately receive the respective higher status when you exceed the qualifying status point threshold for the next status up. The status level achieved at the end of a calendar year (31.12.) will be valid for 12 months. If you reach the status point threshold of a status during the following year, which is higher than the status achieved in the previous year, this status will come into effect automatically and immediately. You can see how many points you need for the next level at any time in the status level overview.

How can I redeem the reward points I have collected?

You can redeem your points for benefits in the app's rewards shop. Reward points will not expire while you participate in FitMit AOK.

How can I use my status benefits?

Please note that you can only redeem points when you are fully registered for FitMit AOK.

Depending on your status level, you will receive attractive status benefits from various benefit partners of the FitMit AOK programme. These may be discounts or additional services, for example.

You can see the benefits associated with your status level under "Level benefits". All benefits partners and offers are listed here.

How can I cancel my registration?

If you have registered for the FitMit AOK programme, please write to AOK Service (by post or email) to cancel your registration. Your participation will end at the end of the month in which cancellation of your registration is received by AOK Nordost. Please note that you can no longer collect points from the date on which your registration is cancelled. You cannot redeem reward points in the online shop or use status benefits either once your registration is cancelled. If you have not yet registered with FitMit AOK, written cancellation of your registration is not required. If you wish, you can delete your user account directly in your profile at any time.

I have more questions. Whom should I contact?

We are happy to provide more help if you have questions concerning FitMit AOK. You can contact us via:
Free hotline: 0800 265 5555
Email: service@nordost.aok.de